First Attorney
Consultants, Ltd.

We know that it is difficult for you to decide which legal recruiting firm to use. You may be interested in knowing that within five years of our formation, The American Lawyer reported that candidates like you rated us Number 2 in the United States. The article containing the survey states:

First Attorney Consultants, Ltd. was superior in candidates’ eyes. If the candidates are to be believed, Joe Marovitch, a principal of First Attorney, is assured canonization. He was mentioned by name by most of the . . . candidates who rated his firm. "Joe Marovitch works his butt off for you. He's willing to do what it takes and is as involved as you want him to be," said one. Marovitch is remembered fondly by one . . . attorney who was out of town on business when [his] firm folded. Marovitch's "very capable assistance" resulted in a good match for this candidate.

We specialize in placing exceptionally qualified attorneys with law firms and corporate legal departments. In recent years, we have focused on placing rainmaker partners and counsel. Since our inception, we have referred attorney candidates to over 250 law firms and corporations that subsequently extended over 1200 offers to such candidates. By maintaining an international network of contacts, we are able to offer hundreds of specific opportunities in diverse areas of practice at no cost to you.

Although identifying attractive opportunities that match the partner and counsel candidates’ criteria and background is essential, we provide advice on numerous issues related to interview preparation, lateral partner questionnaires and business plans, and offer negotiation and evaluation. Oftentimes unexpected issues arise, and in many cases, our advice turned out to be decisive in helping to secure an attractive offer. To show their gratitude, many attorneys will refer us other attorney candidates. Because these referrals have been so significant, we have been able to forego advertising our services through traditional media outlets.

Our expert advice has proven invaluable to the thousands of attorneys we have counseled on job searches. Because we are committed to earning the long-term goodwill of you and our clients, we are not interested in the "quick placement" that sometimes leaves both employer and candidate dissatisfied with one another. In this regard, we provide each candidate with a realistic preview of what to expect at a particular position. Moreover, in recognizing your paramount need in keeping the job search completely confidential, we promise that no information which you disclose will ever be communicated to anyone else without your prior approval.

Should our services be of interest to you, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Joseph A. Marovitch